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In spring 2012, Wire’s plan had been to convene at Rockfield Studios in Wales to review the rudimentary blueprints of songs that had never made it beyond a few live performances in 1979 and 1980 – a time when the band-members were in creative overdrive yet the band itself was disintegrating. The aim wasn’t simply to resuscitate and record old songs; in fact, many of them hadn’t become proper songs in the first place, existing only as basic ideas or undeveloped parts. Rather, the objective was to approach that unrealized work as an oblique strategy, a potential springboard for Wire’s contemporary, forward-looking processes – a possible point of departure for new compositions.

This took place with Wire firing on all cylinders, as a four-piece studio entity again, the core line-up of Colin Newman, Graham Lewis and **Robert Grey now enhanced by guitarist **Matthew Simms**. Simms had played a key role in helping the band to cultivate and shape its new sonic landscape throughout the preceding year’s live work. Out of the exploratory Rockfield session and subsequent, extensive development and production at Newman’s Swim Studio, the ostensible source material became, in the classic Wire tradition, something quite other than what it may have once been – or what it might have become if it had been pursued in 1980.

1. Doubles & Trebles
2. Keep Exhaling
3. Adore Your Island
4. Re-invent Your Second Wheel
5. Stealth Of A Stork
6. B/W Silence
7. Time Lock Fog
8. Magic Bullet
9. Eels Sang
10. Love Bends
11. As We Go
12. & Much Besides
13. Attractive Space