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Making a name for themselves in the same Portland scene as STRKFR and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Wampire is the brainchild of middle school friends Rocky Tinder and Eric Philips.

Starting out playing house parties in Portland, Oregon, the band started with Tinder and Phipps mucking around offhandedly with synths and guitars.

In mid-August '12 they each brought fragments of song ideas into the studio, before deconstructing, re-arranging, and fitting them back together piece by piece -- at times lyrics and melodies were thrown out, brought back from the dead, or improvised on the spot.

The album’s diverse combination of sounds ultimately helped give birth to its title, Curiosity -- a word that invokes the listener’s wonder at what will greet their ears next, while also describing the overall curious tone the record possesses. Electronic organs, driving drumbeats and undulating guitars form the basis most of Wampire’s stunning debut.