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Throw Me The Statue - Creaturesque

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For starters, album opener, "Waving At The Shore," invites you to the party with lush organ/guitar lines, only to have the horn section and big multitracked keyboards burst into the chorus with all the glitz of 80's era Bowie. "Hi-Fi Goon" is a power pop jam, complete with buzzing synth and a singalong chorus. On lead single "Ancestors," Reitherman spins a somber story into a pop song tour de force amidst gazing guitars, athletic fuzz-bass and a crystalline wall of synthesizers.

Perhaps more sonically upbeat than its predecessor, Creaturesque's details are at times painted in both optimistic and sobering tones. Reitherman's scattershot poetics touch on an array of ideas; it's oppressive American machisimo and Suburbanite sexuality. It's soft drugs and convertible cars. It's the struggle for higher expectations within the mess of modern life, and when wrapped up in the structures of TMTS' sure-handed tunes it's an all too delicious combination.

Track Listing:
01. Waving At The Shore
02. Pistols
03. Tag
04. Ancestors
05. Noises
06. Snowshoes
07. Dizzy From The Fall
08. Cannibal Rays
09. Hi-FI Goon
10. Baby, You’re Bored
11. Shade For A Shadow
12. The Outer Folds