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The Juan MacLean - The Future Will Come

Image of The Juan MacLean - The Future Will Come

$15.00 - On Sale

While the second full-length from The Juan MacLean may sound effortless in its execution, don’t be deceived. This record was made in accordance with a very careful plan. “Before going into production of the album, before I wrote anything, I had aesthetic and conceptual guidelines in mind,” admits MacLean. “I stuck to those, and they panned out.”

Whang acknowledges that the polish and precision of The Future Will Come may catch some devotees off guard. “I know diehard Juan MacLean fans are going to be surprised, because the material is so vocal, and much more pop.” But she does not fear resistance from the masses. Nor should she. Fully-realized and flawlessly executed from start to finish, The Future Will Come stands poised to disarm millions of listeners.

Track Listing:
01. The Simple Life
02. The Future Will Come
03. One Day
04. A New Bot
05. Tonight
06. No Time
07. Accusations
08. The Station
09. Human Disaster
10. Happy House
11. Everybody Get Close (only available on iTunes)