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The Boggs - Forts

Image of The Boggs - Forts


Over two years in the making, the forthcoming album Forts follows on the unhurried heels of 2002’s We Are The Boggs We Are and 2003’s lost critics’ darling Stitches. Forts’ birthing process started on Friedman’s kitchen floor in Berlin before being brought to maturity in late 2006 at New York’s Gigantic Studios. As cartographers of the New Weird America before such a term came into marketing play, the Boggs have laid claim to territory well outside the usual indie imaginings and instead created a musical landscape that manages to be both achingly familiar and yet almost lunar in its strangeness—a field recording beamed in from a world in which boundaries and decades are irrelevant.

Track Listing:
1. Forts
2. Remember The Orphans
3. Little Windows
4. One Year On
5. Arm In Arm
6. Bookends
7. After The Day
8. The Passage
9. So I So You
10. Melanie In The White Coat
11. If We Want (We Can)
12. Poor Things
13. Holiday
14. Arm In Arm (Hot Chip remix – bonus Australian track)