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The Blow - Poor Aim: Love Songs


Poor Aim: Love Songs is resilient electro-pop music that can be lovingly devoured by people of all ages and coolness factors. Already, the songs havefallen into a beloved repeat-play position in many aheart (and cell phone, as ring tones!). In their experiment, the two challenged each other with stringent requirements: Jona insisted that the rhythms couldn't be redundant; Khaela guaranteed that the lyrics held sentences worth repeating. They succeeded. The songs are catchy as hell, and rise to meet all of the duo's snobby music standards. With sing-along-when-you-think-you're-alone types of refrains, it's as if the oldies station on the car
stereo is playing at the same time as the urban party music station, with the occasional interfering sonic sway of an eighties keyboard refrain. That mash of sounds would come closest to describing Poor Aim's productional pitch, the sound of feeling fun and desperate and bravely romantically unsuccessful all at once; easy listening for difficult feelings.

Track Listing:
1. Hey Boy
2. The Sky Opened Wide Like The Tide
3. Knowing The Things That I Know
4. Let’s Play Boys Chase Girls
5. The Love That I Crave
6. Hock It
7. “Come On Petunia”
8. Begin Remix
9. Hock It (YACHT Remix, Featuring Claire L. Evans)
10. The Love That I Crave (Strategy’s Strata Club Remix)
11. The Sky Opened Wide Like The Tide (Lucky Dragons Newage Powermix)
12. Hey Hey Hey Boy (K Maricich Remix)
13. Hey Boy (DJ Alan Fortatre Remix)
14. We Are Over Here (Lucky Dragons Remix)