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Surf City - Kudos

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Surf City - Kudos

New York’s Oh My Rockness magazine wrote at the end of 2009 “New Zealand's Surf City are getting such big buzz that the hype has made its way halfway around the world”…and they weren’t alone with these thoughts: Brooklyn Vegan – probably the most influential blog in the US - added that Surf City were “easily one of the most-anticipated bands of CMJ 2009.”

But despite this obvious excitement, Surf City are not just flash in the pan new kids. Formed in Auckland’s Mt Roskill, they’ve been making a racket around the garages and practice rooms since 2004. Locally, it wasn’t long before they were filling the basement bars and urban hang outs with their warm fuzzed up and strummed down frenetic tones. It was a sound pioneered in the early 1980s by New Zealand bands like The Clean and The Bats. But, Surf City were moving the sound forwards into the new millennium.

They were giving the sound their own new contemporary twist. It wasn’t long before this sound garnered them some tidy gigs. These included support slots with Interpol, Dinosaur Jnr, Battles and MGMT, the Big Day Out and the Laneway Festival.

Between all this touring the band have come up trumps with an amazing debut album. It is called Kudos. The album was recorded over the last year and a half mostly in bedrooms, basements and occasionally the old Arch Hill studios.

Track Listing:
1. Crazy Rulers of the World
2. See How The Sun
3. Kudos
4. Icy Lakes
5. Teacher
6. Yakuza Park
7. Retro
8. In Times Of Approach
9. Autumn
10. Cia
11. Zombies