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After releasing a 4-track EP in 2008 and a stunning debut full-length in 2009, Songs return to the fold with Malabar – an album that represents maturation in songwriting and somewhat of a sonic makeover for the Sydney-based pop quartet.

Since forming in 2007, Songs’ charm has been typified by a lo-fi jangle pop aesthetic, drawing comparisons to AUS and NZ legends such as The Triffids, The Clean and The Go-Betweens.

Their sophomore record still highlights their unique pop sensibilities, but portrays a far rounder, richer, yet more impulsive sound. It’s still the band you fell in love with four years ago, speckled with a fresh slice of imagination and musical improvisation.

Propelled by songwriters Ela Stiles and Max Doyle, on the new album, Max reveals their newfound approach - “We were actually less prepared going into the studio this time so there were more surprises, mostly nice ones.” With their new lineup of Cameron Emerson-Elliot (formerly of Youth Group) on guitar and on drums Ben James (formerly of Talons), Max says that “we were much less restricted and can improvise a lot more now, so we’re a lot less locked down.”

Mesmerising and enchanting, Malabar is the staple of a band that endorse the past and embrace the future.

Track Listing:
01. Alone When I’m With You
02. Boy/Girl
03. Looking Without Seeing
04. Good Times
05. The Country
06. Ringing Bells
07. Malabar
08. Ever Since The Time
09. Reprise