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SLOW CLUB - Paradise


SLOW CLUB - Paradise

Paradise is the follow up to Slow Club’s critically acclaimed full-length debut Yeah, So, which won major attention from Paste and Venus to Bust and Pitchfork, who wrote that the "Sheffield boy-girl duo nail precious, vulnerable feelings over the course of their sweet (but not twee or saccharine) indie pop debut."

The new album itself bears the touch of a songwriting unit who share and divide. Songs begin and end with Rebecca Taylor and Charles Watson swapping verses, even when the song itself is deeply personal to one of them. On Never Look Back, which bubbles into existence with cooing two-part harmony, Charles delivers the startling lines: “Baby brother in the next room, trying to bring him back to life”. It sees the 23 year-old singer recalling a dream in which an imaginary brother lays dying in the next room. On Two Cousins, Rebecca imagines that life is simply a journey which ends in our return to childhood when we die. “Hold on to where you’re from, it’s where you heart goes when you’re done”.

Track Listing:
01. Two Cousins
02. If We’re Still Alive
03. Never Look Back
04. Where I’m Waking
05. Hackney Marsh
06. Beginners
07. You, Earth Or Ash
08. Gold Mountain
09. The Dog
10. Horses Jumping

01. Half Drunk
02. Palms
03. Two Cousins (Acoustic)
04. Never Look Back (Acoustic)
05. Two Cousins (Malcom Middleton &Aidan Moffat 1999 Version)