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Sian Alice Group - 59.59


As work began on London-based Sian Alice Group debut full length 59.59, it became clear early on that it would not simply be a collection of songs. The music that they have brought to bare is a much more fully realized experience that moves through traditional pop songwriting and dynamic instrumental composition while being tempered with studio improvisation.

The title of the record comes from its running time and, as this suggests, 59.59 manipulates elements of texture, pacing and timbre as if it’s one sweeping composition. It is an epic record that showcases the ambition of this young group, taking in elements of various genres and making them their own. At a time when the musical landscape seems inundated with derivative retrogressive guitar bands, or acts reliant on sequenced beats, Sian Alice Group’s more classical inclinations show their willingness to tread their own path.

Track Listing:
1. As The Morning Light
2. Way Down To Heaven
3. Interlude 7’35’’
4. Kirilov
5. Contours
6. Interlude 19’39’’
7. When...
8. Days Of Grace III
9. Sleep
10. Interlude 36’52’’
11. Murder
12. Heartless
13. Interlude 46’52’’
14. Motionless
15. Larsen B
16. Complete Affection