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PONYTAIL - Do Whatever You Want All The Time

$15.00 - On Sale

PONYTAIL - Do Whatever You Want All The Time

1) Easy Peasy
2) Flabbermouse
3) Honey Touches
4) Beyondersville//Flight of Fancy
5) AwayWay
6) Tush
7) Music Tunes

Rub your eyes if you have to, Ponytail is back with Do Whatever You Want All The Time, the third joyously titled album from the Baltimore foursome.

Ponytail's hyper noise-punk-pop made the world sit up and pay attention with 2008's magnificent, acclaimed sophomore album, Icecream Spiritual.

After some personal hibernation time, the band went back into the studio with J. Robbins (Jawbox/Burnign Airlines frontman) to lay down the follow up to Ice Cream Spiritual and finish their most sophisticated recording to date... and yes, it'll still make you smile.

A reliably super infectious twin pronged guitar attack with frenetic bordering disco beats, lead by Molly Siegel’s phenomenal joyful vocals, theses guys attack noise-pop head on with a sense of unconstrained abandon, fun, vigor and excitement. It’s an utter pleasure to hear and almost impossible to keep your head and feet still to.

Amazing eye-popping art is by EYE of the Japanese rock band Boredoms.