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NO JOY - WAIT TO PLEASURE (Includes two bonus tracks)

Forming in 2009, No Joy burst onto the Montreal music scene, supporting the likes of Popfrenzy label mates Best Coast. After their set, frontwoman Bethany Cosentino famously tweeted “Dude, No Joy is the best band ever. Two hot blonde girls just shredding away. Sooooo amazing.”

Founded upon Jasamine White-Gluz and Laura Lloyd’s excellent guitar shredding abilities, No Joy’s unique shade of noise-pop is heavily rooted in gazing swirls and climactic melodies, drawing a fine line between chaos and control.

After a string of sold-out 7” releases and a debut full length LP, Popfrenzy will be releasing their sophomore full-length effort Wait To Pleasure – an album that presents a band growing from strength to strength, lyrically and musically.

1. E
2. Hare Tarot Lies
3. Prodigy
4. Slug Night
5. Blue Neck Riviera
6. Lizard Kids
7. Lunar Phobia
8. Wrack Attack
9. Ignored Pets
10. Pleasure
11. Uhy Yuoi Yoi
12. He Cried (Bonus Australian track)
13. JC Twenty Three (Bonus Australian track)