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Mist and Sea - Unless

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Mist and Sea - Unless

From the humble first meetings of Vincent Giarrusso (Underground Lovers) and Jason Sweeney (Pretty Boy Crossover) in early 2002, the beginnings of Mist & Sea emerged. First as an idea for a multi-media music/art project, then as a duo, then in its incarnation as a 6 piece band. Successful with one of the last Music for the Future grants from Arts Victoria, a full-length LP was recorded with Chris Scallan and Jed Palmer at Sing Sing and Soft Centre studios in Melbourne in the latter part of 2005. The result is the debut album, "Unless", also featuring the musicianship of Cailan Burns (other half of Pretty Boy Crossover), Emma Bortignon and Phil Collings.

Unless is a collection of band compositions, experimental interludes and electro-pop songs. Mixed and re-worked by Jason Sweeney at his Adelaide studio during 2006 , the album has a moody, dreamy, cinematic quality that moves from angular guitar pop, shoegazer, a New Order-esque style.

Track Listing:
1. Misty Mourning
2. The Howl
3. Like A Vampire
4. Golden Strings
5. Unless You Smile
6. Your Face
7. Dolphins
8. Gestapo
9. Nothing About Love
10. Light The Fires
11. Diamonds
12. Golden
13. Unless I See You