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Les Savy Fav - Plagues And Snakes


It’s time to Hold On to Your Genre once more, as Les Savy Fav deliver there first release since 2004’s Inches. Over the past ten years, the band have mixed up everything post-punk was meant to be and created their own off-kilter distillate. On their most recent recordings – Plagues & Snakes (The Australian Tour Single 2) – they prove why they’ve become masters of evading genres.

For the first time since the high concept Inches compilation, these two tracks have been recorded exclusively for their appearance as part of Popfrenzy’s Two Timing tours (also featuring Pretty Girls Make Graves, Gossip, Thunderbirds are Now! and the Hold Steady). Like Inches, Plagues & Snakes bottles Les Savy’s weird blend of genres, and somehow makes it make sense.

Track Listing:
1.Outta Money
2.Wake Up Snake