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Kimya Dawson - Remember That I love You


Since the official Moldy Peaches hiatus Kimya has become a stronger musician and person. Following up on her critically acclaimed fourth album, Hidden Vagenda, Kimya’s highly anticipated fifth album Remember That I Love You comes to you from the saviours of indie, Popfrenzy, courtesy of the kind folks at K Records. Remember That I Love You is the latest chapter in the Kimya Dawson picture book, with the picture its drawing being one of love, humour and sorrow. It represents not only Kimya’s continued personal adaptation to the tumultuous world around her, but also the growing relationship between the fans and friends she needs just as much as they need her.

Remember That I Love You has the kind of intimacy that pop producers dream of, the kind of intimacy that’s impossible to imitate. Kimya continues to expose the subtle and sometimes serious pains we all face, in order to temper them with understanding and laughter. In the process she has emerged as a seriously talented wordsmith, at once intoxicating and irresistible.

Track Listing:
1. Tire Swing
2. My Mom
3. Loose Lips
4. Caving In
5. Better Weather
6. Underground
7. I Like Giants
8. The Competition
9. France
10. I Miss You
11. 12/26
12. My Rollercoaster