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Jonny - Jonny

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JONNY - Jonny

We are pleased to bring you the self-titled debut album from Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub) and Euros Childs (Gorky's Zygotic Mynci) together as Jonny!

Inter-twining the musical DNA of two of Britain’s most gifted songwriters, Jonny’s debut album proclaims the advent of an irresistibly infectious new strain of psychedelic pop

Over the past couple of years Norman and Euros convened when time and schedules allowed to play the odd show and produce an impressive cache of new songs that contain all the warmth, wit and melodic magic that you would expect from such a pairing.

The album artwork is also revealed to be the inspiration behind their unusual name. Blake came across the image on a friend’s website “and thought it would make a great record sleeve… and name for a band”. “Sleeve first, band-name after”, confirms Childs, “that’s always the best way”.

Features the yummy single 'Candyfloss'.

Jonny Tracklisting
1. Wich is Wich
2. Candyfloss
3. Waiting Around For You
4. Goldmine
5. You Was Me
6. Circling The Sun
7. English Lady
8. The Goodnight
9. Bread
10. Cave Dance
11. I Want To Be Around You
12. I’ll Make Her My Best Friend
13. Never Alone