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Jeremy Jay - Slow Dance

Image of Jeremy Jay - Slow Dance


Jeremy Jay is a mixture of a storyteller, artist and singer. He walks where a winter theme pervades, where the backdrop for the scenes from his new album Slow Dance take place.

Following a series of 7" singles, Jeremy released his debut LP, A Place Where We Could Go on Popfrenzy in winter 2008. Currently he splits his time between living in Paris and Los Angeles, the dream cities of the French New Wave and Hollywood. Similar to films, Jeremy identifies with the visual stories of life and love, and touches on everything human; he is always in the process of writing and recording, playing the guitar and taking walks to new places. Jeremy draws much of his inspiration from American artists like Andy Warhol and iconic teen filmmaker John Hughes.

Slow Dance starts with a bang. It navigates listeners through forests and over star streams as easily as walking through the streets, before it shifts to dance floor romance and night-time escapades. There is a consistent, mysterious sway; a strong will backed by noble guitars and shiny synths. Amidst, Jay is protective and candid, inviting listeners to dance with a whisper.

Track Listing:
01. We Were There
02. In This Lonely Town
03. Gallop
04. Canter Canter
05. Slow Dance
06. Winter Wonder
07. Will You Dance With Me?
08. Breaking The Ice
09. Slow Dance 2
10. Where Could We Go Tonight?
11. Love Everlasting *
12. Lite Beam *
13. Jet Stream *
14. Love Everlasting (Winter Version) *
* Love Everlasting EP