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Institut Polaire - Make Your Own Mayflower

$15.00 - On Sale

Institut Polaire - Make Your Own Mayflower

It seems only fitting that in these first heady days of spring that we celebrate the new and distinctly floral.

As such, Perth-born now Melbourne-based, Institut Polaire offer their hotly-anticipated debut release, MAKE YOUR OWN MAYFLOWER. As luscious and delicately flavoured as the season Make Your Own Mayflower is a veritable bouquet of intoxicating musical fragrances.

Subtly melding country-tinged tones with psychedelic panoramas whilst sneakily adding bubblegum pop and kraut-rock to the bubbling mix, Institut Polaire have crafted an intriguing first statement that speaks to both the growing collective's divergent passions and shared vision.

The logical follow-up to the their amorphous 2007 EP The Fauna and The Flora, Make Your Own Mayflower sees the now seven to nine member clique further pushing the boundaries of indie pop. Brimming with vintage Wurlitzer wails, tinkling glockenspiel top lines, banjos dueling with violins and singalong melodies that are guaranteed to snuggle lovingly in your grey matter, Make Your Own Mayflower is sure to stay with you long after the needle is off the record.