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Her Space Holiday - XOXO, Panda and the New Kid Revivigal


Recording as Her Space Holiday since 1996, Marc Bianchi creates sugarcoated dreamscapes floating alongside bitter-sweet narratives of life. He’s been featured in many of the industry's top music magazines including Spin, Mojo, and DJ, has reached #2 on the influential CMJ charts in the States (with The Young Machines) and has toured with some of the world's top indie acts including Bob Mould, Bright Eyes, Arab Strap, and The Faint.

Always challenging himself, Bianchi's sound has morphed with every release, proving he is equally comfortable with intricate sampling and drum programming as he is building a track around acoustic guitar, live instruments, and percussion. From his early output with NYC's TigerStyle, his releases for London's Wichita, and his work with LA’s Mush Records, Marc Bianchi's constant evolution as a songwriter and arranger continues to enchant.

Track Listing:
01. The New Kid Revival
02. The Truth Hurts So This Should Be Painless
03. The Heartbreak Moment
04. The Year In Review
05. No More Good Ideas
06. The Boys And Girls
07. Sleepy Tigers
08. The World Will Deem Us Dangerous
09. My Crooked Crown
10. Four Tapping Shoes And A Kiss
11. The Telescope
12. Two Tin Cans And A Length Of String
13. The Day In Review
14. One For My Soul (Good Night)