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Gossip - Standing In The Way Of Control

$15.00 - On Sale

Gossip - Standing In The Way Of Control

Standing In The Way Of Control caused such a stir that dum-founded journalists couldn’t describe what they were hearing, using the terms punk soul and garage blues to label the wonderful sound of Gossip. SITWOC has gone on to become a classic and the best of album released over the last year, propelling Gossip into the highest echelons of music cool.

Gossip are young + full of blood. They tell us they’re interested in art, change, the underground, dancing, fashion, punk history, crime and movements. They’re artists, poets, cooks, writers, feminisits, designers, musicians & djs. This is life dedication to action, passion & drive. They’ve toured with Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Cyndi Lauper, Scissor Sisters, Le Tigre, White Stripes, Sonic Youth, Erase Errata, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Sleater Kinney, Har Mar Superstar, Les Georges Leningrad, & The Kills. And they rock. More than any other band you’ll hear this year.

Tracks Listing:
1.Fire With Fire
2.Standing In The Way Of Control
3.Jealous Girls
4.Coal To Diamonds
5.Eyes Open
6.Your Mangled Heart
7.Listen Up!
8.Holy Water
9.Keeping You Alive
10.Dark Lines

Bonus Disc:
1. Here Today Gone Tomorrow
2. Sick With It