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GANGLIANS - Still Living

Image of GANGLIANS - Still Living


GANGLIANS - Still Living

Heralding the start of Spring, Sacramento, California's Ganglians return with a staggering nugget of fresh psych surf rock tunes to whack you up side the head.

Two years on since their dual album 'Monster Head Room' dropping in 2009, the band are staying true to their psychedelic roots established on their self-titled debut.

Ringing in at just under an hour, they step it up a notch, both stylistically and sonically, by enlisting the help of producer Robby Moncrieff (who also played a crucial role in the shaping of The Dirty Projectors Bitte Orca).

Featuring the singles 'Jungle' and 'Drop The Act', Ganglians and Still Living are going to rock your summer with their primal guitars'n'drums and sweet pop hookery. REPEATEDLY. This album is dynamite!

"Ganglians make us want to pack our bags, move to California and live on a beach surviving purely on cigarettes and utter contentment.” NME

"Ganglians are wild men - they make music that gets fresh air all up in your teeth and gums." Pitchfork


1. Drop the Act
2. That’s What I Want
3. Evil Weave
4. Sleep
5. Jungle
6. Bradley
7. Things To Know
8. Good Times
9. The Toad
10. California Cousins
11. Faster
12. My House