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Since forming in 2009, Leeds-based Eagulls have become synonymous with a discontented, disillusioned kind of anger, moulded into bullets of post punk that’s rife with urgency and aggression.

Brought together by drummer Henry Ruddell and guitarist Mark ‘Goldy’ Goldsworthy, they were later joined by friends Liam Matthews on guitar and Tom Kelly on bass. After struggling to find a singer that fitted with their vision for the band, they roped in George Mitchell to be their frontman without ever having heard him sing before.

Their debut album sets out as a heavier, darker and more exhilarating offering from the quintet. ‘Nerve Endings’, opening track and first taste of the record, encapsulates that in throbbing bass, with Mitchell hollering “can’t find my end” whilst ‘Fester-Blister’ provides an anthemic streak cutting through a wall of frenetic noise. ‘Tough Luck’ takes inspiration from outside the punk pool associated with Eagulls, brought together by a rumbling Joy Division-esque bassline.

It’s underlying feelings of frustration and sardonicism that fuels Eagulls and lights a match under their first LP. Though they admit to there being “lighter moments” on the record, on the whole it’s a gloomy, overcast affair.

01. Nerve Endings
02. Hollow Visions
03. Yellow Eyes
04. Tough Luck
05. Amber Veins
06. Possessed
07. Footsteps
08. Fester Blister
09. Opaque
10. Soulless Youth