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Crooked Fingers - Dignity And Shame


Crooked Fingers’ latest album, Dignity and Shame, is Bachmann's masterpiece. The band convened last spring at Jupiter Studios in their Seattle homebase with producer Martin Feveyear (Screaming Trees, The Minus Five, Rosie Thomas) to record songs. After recording 21 tracks that were intended to be a double record, the band pared the album down to 12 powerful songs of love, lost and found, illustrated by Bachmann’s heartbreaking yet newly hopeful lyrics.

The fourth proper Crooked Fingers full-length release, Dignity and Shame shows the band taking a decidedly new route. Their first three releases were filled with gorgeous portraits of the broken down and abused, the drunken and the melancholy, augmented by string arrangements and orchestral flourishes. In contrast, the beauty of Dignity and Shame lies in its simplicity and accessibility. Bachmann's vocals are at their most confident, while subtle lap steel surfaces from time to time to complement the standard guitar / bass / drums setup. The infusion of Latin influences that began on Red Devil Dawn has been taken to the forefront on Dignity and Shame - the bold Spanish guitar of the opening instrumental "Islero" to the hint of mariachi in the trumpet line of "Twilight Creeps" depicts a band expanding on their signature sound.

Track Listing:
1. Islero
2. Weary Arms
3. Call to Love
4. Twilight Creeps
5. Destroyer
6. You Must Build A Fire
7. Valerie
8. Andalucia
9. Sleep All Summer
10. Coldways