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Clue To Kalo - Lily Perdida

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Clue To Kalo - Lily Perdida

Satisfyingly schizophrenic, Clue To Kalo’s third full-length release Lily Perdida is ten voices in one, all of them a different branch off the same electric folk tree.

Amidst jangly guitar, mod ribbons of flute, and the voices of mastermind Mark Mitchell and duet partner Ellen Carey, ten musical perspectives on fictional character Lily Perdida emerge, each song from the point of view of a different person in her life.

A post-modern frolic of keyboards, harpsichords and laptops, Lily Perdida is a gorgeous and sonically sprawling commentary on the nature of history and identity. Each succeeding track reinterprets, misreads or conflicts with the accounts that came before to collectively create an anti-portrait of the main character. The music ebbs and flows with the changing characters but never strays from the utterly satisfying sound we have come to expect from Clue To Kalo.

Hailing from Adelaide, Clue To Kalo mastermind Mark Mitchell applies a lo-fi aesthetic to pristine computer- based production in which the technology is the means rather than the end. A generous use of layered melodies, elemental textures, and multi-tracked vocals highlight a vast range of influences and solidify the fact that Clue To Kalo is first and foremost a songwriter.

Track Listing:
01. Lull for Dear Life, By The Parents
02. User To A Carrier, By The Sister
03. Hail To The Full Release, By The Boy
04. It’s Here The Story’s Straight, By The Peers
05. Mine Disaster After Theirs Is Done, By The Brother
06. The Infinite Orphan, By The Familiars
07. Of Him On Her Heels, By The Narrator
08. What Went Down Around, By The Eavesdropper
09. Which Notice To Your Next Of Kin?, By The Confidante
10. All’s Made Meaning, By The Chorus