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Bodies Of Water - A Certain Feeling


Bodies of Water started in David Metcalf and Meredith Arthur's closet at their Los Angeles home. They were newly married and lived in a very small house. The closet was the only place to put the computer that they used for recording. They eventually formed a musical group to play David's songs. Meredith figured out the piano, and their friends Kyle Gladden and Jessie Conklin learned to play the bass and drums, respectively. In the ensuing years, the four have learned to deftly spin those threads which inevitably weave their way through
every Bodies of Water song: ebullient group singing, melodic invention, thundering polyrhythms, and sublime dramatic tension.

One year after self-releasing the acclaimed Ears Will Pop & Eyes Will Blink, Bodies of Water have created another full-length offering. A Certain Feeling, their first record for Popfrenzy (through Secretly Canadian).
The strains that one can hear running through all of Bodies of Water's music are fully exhibited here; instantly familiar melodies, rich harmonic color, expansively deft arrangements, and compositions that ebb, flow, and double back on themselves in cathartic synchronicity. Though no two songs sound entirely similar, it's a cohesive collection that comes out feeling like the anthemic prog/gospel/psychedelic/kraut-tribal movie score that Ennio Morricone and Phil Spector never got around to collaborating on. The choral hugeness that typified Ears Will Pop still rears it's emphatic head, only here its more often held in reserve as we marinate in each movement before being pulled along into the next passage of the narrative.

Track Listing:
01. Gold Tan Peach And Grey
02. Under The Pines
03. Only You
04. Water Here
05. Keep Me On
06. Darling, Be Here
07. Even In A Cave
08. If I Were A Bell
09. The Mud Gapes Open