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AU - Verbs


Au (pronounced 'ay you') is the future of American music. Primarily the work of Portland based multi-instrumentalist Luke Wyland, one can immediately tell he has lived all around the country, and absorbed
everything to form a sound that not only echoes the past, but also sets a path for the future. Although they have been labelled by some as "psych-folk", we can assure you that Au is not another group of dudes with bandannas sitting around doing acid, but rather immensely skilled musicians who put great detail into every aspect of their sound.

Verbs (Au’s sophomore record) is flanked at one of its ends by the blissful bombast of a 20-plus person vocal chorus, and concludes some forty minutes later in the hushed strains of a wistful lullaby. Between these disparate bookends lies the staggering aesthetic expanse of the album, in its swirling depths and subtleties collaborators, a list which includes featured vocalists Sarah Winchester (A Weather) and Becky Dawson (Ah Holly Fam'ly, Saw Whet), as well as members of Yellow Swans, Jackie-O Motherfucker, and Parenthetical Girls, among many others—inadvertently resulting in a strange and singular snapshot of a very particular corner of the city's famously sprawling musical community.

Track Listing:
01. All My Friends
02. Are Animals
03. Summerheat
04. RR vs. D
05. All Myself
06. Two Seasons
07. Prelude
08. The Waltz
09. Sleep